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1 Q: How to use "free transaction" function?
2 Q: After I completed the operation of real-time transfer, what should I notice?
3 Q: If I want to use the "real-time transfer" function, how shall I operation the transferee account?
4 Q: After I send balance inquiry transaction, no response message for the transaction is received. What shall I do?
5 Q: After several input errors of bank pass code, the pass code is locked. What shall I do then?
6 Q: What should I notice after I completed login operation of account number?
7 Q: What is the possible reason for failure when the customer logins his/her account number to send a transaction?
8 Q: When I login my bank account, do I need to enter the bank code, and how to get the bank code?
9 Q: What is the maximum number of remittance-out accounts that can be set up for "mobile bank"?
10 Q: How to apply for "mobile bank" service?

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